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We at Tenderfresh Butcher strive to present our clients with a selection of saporous meats sourced from both local and international farmers. At our store, you can find a selection of flavoursome cuts to choose from. 

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Majjal ta’ Malta

This locally-sourced delicacy is raised in small-scale farms spread across the Maltese islands – most of which are family-run, just like our store.


Homemade Sausages 

Our range of handmade sausages is prepared on-site in accordance with our recipes using dry-aged, fresh and native-bred meat piped into natural casings. From zalzett tal-Malti to pre-smoked seasoned sausages visit us to try our palatable selection of homemade produce.


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Doorstep Delivery 

At Tenderfresh Butcher, we believe in the importance of providing our customers with a choice of personally approved produce. We offer free delivery on all orders over €50 placed by phone.

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