Artfully Prepared Dishes

Try out our range of premium handmade ready-to-cook and ready-cooked meals for a truly unforgettable experience. Each one of our dishes is hand prepared individually, giving it the unmistakable homemade flavour and appearance our products are famous for. 

Tenderfresh Butcher is the first local butcher to have introduced ready-cooked meals in Malta.


We offer a variety of ready-cooked and freshly prepared packed meals. We present our patrons with a choice of ready-to-eat ribs, chicken, beef olives and rabbit cooked using the French sous vide technique. 


Find a range of passionately prepared ready-to-cook meals, including homemade burgers, kebabs, cutlets, stuffed chickens, marinated steaks, stuffed pork shoulders and hand prepared lamb cutlets.

Domestic Meats


Majjal ta’ Malta

Premium locally sourced and native-bred pork cuts are available at Tenderfresh Butcher. The choice of pork found at our butchery is supplied by the KIM cooperative. We can present you with ready-to-cook pork olives, pork belly and stuffed pork.


Beef & Veal

At our store, you can find a wide diversity of meat cuts sourced by international farmers. We hold a varied selection of beef cuts including round, chuck, brisket, sirloin, tenderloin, shank, plate and flank among others.



Try out our selection of grass-fed lamb. From legs to racks, shoulders and ground meat. We can also provide you with a whole lamb for special occasions and other fresh cuts. At Tenderfresh Butcher you can also find a choice of stuffed and marinated lamb cuts.




De-boned, ready-packed or whole and boned turkey options are available in-store.



Capons are known as being more flavourful thanks to their tenderness and high-fat content.



Find a range of chicken cuts, burgers, marinades, kebabs and even whole stuffed chickens.

At Tenderfresh Butcher you can also find a self-service mini grocer station stocked with canned foods, biscuits, pasta and sauces. We also sell cold drinks, milk and ready-packed deli products.

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At our store, you can find this local delicacy available all year round. This favoured local meat is a lean and nutritious option that grants a number of versatile meals.

specialty meats

Speciality Meats

At our store, you can find a number of local and international delicacies, including the quail, geese and duck. We can present you with whole or parts of these speciality meats.

Sausages, Bacon & Other Specialties
zalzett malti

Zalzett tal-Malti

At Tenderfresh Butcher we have our own secret in-house Maltese sausage recipe, passed down from generation to generation. 

handmade sausage

Handmade Sausage

From bratwurst to German sausages, koftas and paupiettes, our handmade creations will be the star of the show.



At our store, you can find a selection of home-prepared and KIM-provided bacon created using locally sourced Maltese pork.

gluten free


We can present you with specially-prepared gluten-free options when it comes to burgers, sausages, kebabs and more. 



We believe that there is an art in making burgers. We present our creations to local catering establishments.



At our store, you can find a selection of homemade kebabs prepared in-house with a range of spices and marinades.



Our speciality beef olives are prepared using a number of inventive recipes. We offer a range of pork and beef olives. 

Variety Meats 

  • Offal
  • Tripe
  • Liver
  • Oxtail
  • BBQ Mix
  • Kidneys
  • Tongue
  • Marinated Cuts
  • Hearts